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Kyoshi Master Eileen  Whitney ~ 8th Degree Black belt

Est. 1972  Teaching for over 40 years

Inducted into NJ Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2002

Featured in the book: 'Who's who in Karate and other Martial Arts' 1982- 1983

7 Surrey Drive  Hillsborough,  New Jersey  08844

























Isshinryu Page

In Honor of Kyoshi Master Nelson
















Email: BushidoDojo@comcast.net








"I have been studying Isshinryu Karate at Bushido Dojo for 8 years and have learned more about karate
and inner discipline here then I would in any other school.
Over the years I have grown stronger physically and spiritually under
the very personal, friendly and expert instruction of the Masters. Their guidance and friendship is of unrivaled quality. I would
recommend this Dojo to any group or individual seeking expert knowledge in Self Defense and Martial Arts."

` Hizal C. - Isshinryu Karate 07/03/2014


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